SVDVNARD11x17PosterSVDV won our Me-OW! home bout against the Dutchland Blitz on September 13th – 147 to 142. It was a hard fought bout and both teams played their best! SVDV MVP’s were Luna Shovegood as jammer and Meecha Maker as blocker. The MVPs of the night were really our fans – they donated 401 pounds of food/kitty litter to the Lycoming County SPCA! Check out their Facebook page to see fans and skaters/refs with the animals! See our official bout summary below:

Williamsport’s  Susquehanna Valley Derby Vixens defeated Lancaster’s Dutchland  Blitz by only 5 points on Saturday. This was a crucial win for SVDV. It was the first bout this season won under their own native roster.  With the score remaining close throughout the bout,  SVDV managed to keep their early lead. The Vixens started strong and constantly gained the lead jammer position for the first few jams of the night,  giving them a 20 point lead. What was most impressive was SVDV’s much improved defense.  The Vixens’ walls were strong and they refused to give up many points. Dutchland, however, did not go down without a fight. Their hard hits and successful offensive strategy kept the score close throughout the bout. The most exciting part of the bout had to be  the last jam of the night. The Vixens were up by almost 40 points with  time for one more jam. During this last Jam SVDV’s jammer,  was sent to the box twice while the Vixens’ defense seem to all but crumble. In the end it was the clock that saved them. By the time the final whistle  blew Dutchland had managed to close the gap to only five points. Leaving final score of 142 Dutchland to 147 Susquehanna Valley. Luna Shovegood and Meecha Maker were awarded the MVP titles for jammer and blocker respectively.

Come see us play at our last home bout on October 4th when we take on Northern Allegheny Roller Derby! Doors open at 5:30pm


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