SVDV Flyer 111814

On 10/4/14 Williamsport’s very own Susquehanna Valley Derby Vixens, in their last home bout of the season, came out victorious against Northern Allegheny Roller Derby’s Backwoods Bruisers.
From the first jam whistle the Vixens started and stayed strong, gaining lead jammer and obtaining it many times throughout the evening. The Vixens carried over their newly found defensive strategy that gleaned them their last home win against Dutchland’s Blitz. Allegheny did not go without a fight, however. Having had a short roster, Allegheny borrowed some skaters from State College Area (SCAR) to help them fill out the empty spaces. They were able to pick up on the Vixens strategies quite quickly and were able to counter them as necessary. They played cleanly, fairly and competitively – displaying great sportswomanship and exemplifying exactly what roller derby is about. All in all this was a good, clean bout with lots of smiling faces from both teams which seemed to spill over into the audience. The official score was 227 SVDV to 90 NARD.

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